How to participate in REDIB books

REDIB offers the publishers of scientific, academic and high-dissemination e-books a solid platform for indexing and managing their titles. REDIB also provides great visibility through a powerful search engine, as well as dissemination through multiple proprietary communication channels. By participating in the project, publishers will also have access to tools that improve publishing quality, access to the Publishers' Forum and tools for managing the bibliography and statistical information, among other services.

Publishers of books to be incorporated into the REDIB platform must:

  • Offer open or paid online access to the entirety of their monographs.

  • Meet the REDIB formality and content quality criteria REDIB formality and content quality criteria

  • Fill out the form at Create New Account / Book publisher

  • Pass the evaluation. After this, the publisher undertakes to place the REDIB logo,with a link to with a link to the portal, in a visible place on its website; failing that, it will mention REDIB in writing and provide a link to the website. REDIB will provide a username and password to log in Login to your REDIB Publisher account (one publisher username for each publisher).

  • Incorporate the metadata in REDIB. Two cases are considered, depending on the computer infrastructure and the possibilities of the publisher:

Case 1. The publisher has a data provider on its website based on the OAI-PMH protocol, whose URL will be provided in the publisher registration form so that REDIB can automatically harvest the metadata from the books. For this, the publisher will need to have professional scientific publishing software with an OAI-PMH data provider, such as Open Monograph Press (OMP) or similar. In this case, the publisher may need to supplement their metadata by sending a complementary metadata Excel file.

Case 2. The publisher does not have a data provider based on the OAI-PMH protocol on its website. In this case the publisher has to enter the metadata of the published books manually, book-by-book, in an online form from its REDIB book Publisher account. Alternatively, this can be done by blocks of books by filling in an Excel file with the metadata of these books.