Privacy policy


Identity of the Data Controller:

Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (hereinafter 'CSIC'), tax number: Q2818002D

Controller contact data:

Postal address: Calle Serrano 117, 28006, Madrid.
Contact e-mail address: [email protected]


CSIC shall process the personal data of any users registering on the website (hereinafter 'Users' or 'User' in the singular) for the following purposes:

1. Management of the User's registration: CSIC may process the personal data of any Users registering on the website (hereinafter the 'Portal) on the form for this purpose, to manage their access to the various services offered to them by CSIC, specifically direct access to scientific and academic documents of proven quality, published by publishers and other producers of scientific and academic contents from Iberoamerican countries or on Iberoamerican issues, and other functions offered, such as the possibility of managing the system of alerts to organise the articles or return to the initial search for the articles consulted. CSIC may also process the personal data of Users to resolve any doubts, queries, complaints and suggestions that may be sent in by Users, and the legal basis for this data processing is the performance of a contract, which arises along with acceptance of the legal conditions during the registration process.

2. Management of the registration of a publisher: Publishers may add the link to journals they publish to the Portal, along with their fact sheets, provided these have been approved by CSIC beforehand. They may also join the Portal's forum, which serves as backup and a meeting point to enable publishers to exchange their experiences and knowledge. Thus CSIC shall process any personal data supplied by publishers on the registration form, in order to provide them with direct transparent access to the contents posted by the publisher on the original site, respecting and affirming their identity, and also providing access to, disseminating and unlocking the value of the scientific production generated. The legal basis for this data processing is the performance of a contract, which arises along with acceptance of the legal conditions during the registration process.

3. Dispatch by CSIC by any means, including electronic means, of academic information related to the contents of the Portal. Simply by registering, Users and publishers shall be able to receive CSIC information, especially scientific and academic contents, from Iberoamerican countries or on Iberoamerican issues, in both the geographic and the cultural sense, in relation to the Portal's contents. This purpose is directly related to the creation and maintenance of the contractual relationship established with the User or the publisher, by simply registering on the Portal, and thus, if they do not wish to receive this kind of communication, Users may withdraw their consent at any time.


The personal data supplied shall be kept for as long as the contractual relationship is maintained, unless erasure is requested by the User or publisher, or it cannot be erased for reasons of compliance with a legal obligation or for the formulation, exercise and defence of claims.

If Users or publishers withdraw their consent or exercise their right of erasure, their personal data shall be kept blocked during the legally established periods to address any liabilities arising from the processing thereof.


The data of Users or publishers shall not be disclosed to third parties.


Both publishers and Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, erasure, and in cases in which this is possible data portability, and may also request limitation of or opposition to the processing of data and the right to refuse individual automated decisions, by writing to Calle Serrano 117, 28006, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid, or by e-mail to the following address: [email protected] attaching a photocopy of their identity card in both cases. Users or publishers may in any case submit a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially when they have not been satisfied in the exercise of their rights, via the website