REDIB. Platform for open-access scientific and academic content produced in the Ibero-American space

How to participate

Procedure for publishers who wish to disseminate their publications and scientific content by incorporating them into the REDIB aggregator


For publishers of books and journals

Committed to publishing culture, we at REDIB provide Ibero-American publishers of scientific and academic books, journals and audiovisual materials with the tools, advice and services they need in order to increase the quality and visibility of their publishing production, as well as the most relevant indicators and the most effective channels for their dissemination.


For users

We offer users a reliable resource at the service of the Ibero-American Knowledge Space, which will provide them with scientometric information and access to scientific and technical documentation of proven quality that is required in order to advance their research projects and studies, as well as a set of extra tools and services that will help them to improve in terms of efficiency.

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REDIB identity

Open science. Open-access and multilingualism.

Ibero-American Knowledge Space. Thematic, geographical and linguistic fields.

All knowledge areas and all document types.

Non-generalist aggregator with filtered databases.

Quality, culture, and publishing reinforcement redirecting to original sites.

User-orientated service: Author, Publisher, Researcher, Academic, Student, Manager, Company.

Focus on visibility of results, publications, authors and entities.

Valuation and improvement by means of indicators, metrics and rankings.