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Cookies policy

Cookies policy –

We wish to inform you that this site uses cookies. This cookies policy (hereinafter “Cookies Policy”) belongs to the domain (hereinafter the Website). The Website is owned by AGRUPACIÓN ÍNDICE IBEROAMERICANO DE INVESTIGACIÓN Y CONOCIMIENTO, A.I.E. (hereinafter “AIE”), listed in the Madrid Mercantile Registry in volume 29178, sheet 88, section 8, page M-525293, with registered address Avenida de Cantabria s/n, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain, which makes use of its own cookies and third-party cookies to improve browsing and operation of the Website, share advertising contents, allow the User (hereinafter “Users” or, in singular, “User”) to share contents on social networks, and to compile statistical data of the activity of Users on the Website, and thus enhance the services provided.

1.- Concept of Cookies

Cookies are files which are downloaded and stored on the computer of the User browsing Internet and which, in particular, contain a number allowing the User’s computer to be unequivocally identified, even when the User’s location or IP address changes.

Cookies are installed during Internet browsing, either by the websites that the User visits or by third parties with which the Website is associated, and they allow the website to gain knowledge of the User’s activity on the same site or on others associated with it, for example: the location from which it is accessed, the connection time, the device from which it is accessed (fixed or mobile), the operating system and browser used, the most visited websites, the number of clicks and data regarding the User’s behaviour on Internet.

While cookies do not need to be enabled to enter the Website, the Website may not work correctly if they are disabled. If the User decides not to send cookies to our systems, he/she may “disable them” on the browser, erasing them from his/her browsing history or memory when the visit ends.

2.- Authorisation to use cookies

In accordance with the cookies notice that appears at the bottom of the website, the website User or visitor agrees that by browsing the site he/she is expressly authorising the use of cookies as described in this document, except where the browser settings have been configured to reject the use of cookies.

3.- Revoking authorisation to use cookies and browser settings

In order to revoke authorisation for the use of cookies, the user must remove the cookies that have already been inserted. To do so, Users must follow the instructions given by their browser.

AIE recommends Users check their browser’s Help function or go to help websites to remove cookies from the main browsers, some of which we have compiled below:


Internet Explorer:




4.- Types of Cookie used on the Portal

Users browsing the Portals may encounter cookies that are directly inserted by the Owner, or cookies that have been inserted by other entities, according to the sections below:

4.1.- Strictly necessary cookies inserted by AIE

AIE uses strictly necessary cookies to enhance the browsing experience on Websites and to ensure that site content loads properly. These cookies are also session cookies, meaning that they are temporary and they expire and are automatically deleted when the user closes their browser.

Cookie Function
PHPSESSID User session
language Language of the session for the user visiting the portal
ui Theme used by the VuFind user session
cc_cookie_accept Cookies notification control
cc_cookie_decline Cookies notification control
_icl_current_language These are the WPML multilanguage plugin cookies, and they identify the language of the user’s browser to determine the language in which the website is displayed.
_icl_visitor_lang_js These are the WPML multilanguage plugin cookies, and they identify the language of the user’s browser to determine the language in which the website is displayed.
LooggedOut This shows whether the user is logged in to VuFind
wp-settings-1 This cookie is used to customise the user interface in WordPress
wp-settings-1-time This cookie is used to customise the user interface in WordPress

4.2.- Third-party cookies

The following entities other than AIE use cookies on the Website for the purposes likewise described below:

  • Social Network Cookies: the Owner uses Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus cookies so that the User may share the contents of the Website on the aforementioned social networks, or to make registration on the Website easier, so that social networks can directly fill in the fields of the Website registration with the data that the Users have provided.
  • Cookies to measure traffic on the Portals: the Owner uses Google Analytics and Certifica Metric cookies to gather statistical data about users’ activity on the Website and, in this way, to be able to improve the services provided for Users. These cookies enable users’ traffic to be analysed, generating an anonymous User ID that is used to ascertain how many times a User visits the Site. It also logs when the User first and last visited the Website, when a session finished and the User’s IP address.
  • Cookies for advertising purposes: Google AdSense and Dobleclick install cookies for Website Users to display advertising content that is relevant to them based on the their prior interactions, visits to the advertiser’s Website, source IP etc. In this way, with all the data compiled the cookies, the adverts displayed on the website are published and handled more efficiently.

Provider Purpose of the cookie Description of purpose and common identifiers
Google Analytics Google Analytics cookies. Generate an anonymous user ID, which is used to count how many times a user visits the site. They also log the first and last time the user visited the site. It also calculates when a session has finished, the use origin and keywords.
There are also cookies in the “Google+” social button on some web pages. They are needed to recognise a user logged in with a Google account and to count clicks on that button.
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz, _ga, _gat
ScorecardResearch Analytics Browsing time, websites visited and anonymous information on the user’s browsing activity.
Addthis Analytics and Social Buttons Addthis cookies. These are needed to obtain statistics on activity with the social buttons on some web pages.
__atuvc, __atuvs, c, uvc, um, uit, uid, loc, bt2, di2, dt

5.- Queries on the Cookies Policy

If Users have any queries concerning the Website’s Cookies Policy, they may contact AIE at the following e-mail: [email protected].

6.- Additional notes

Web browsers are the tools tasked with storing cookies, and this is where you may exercise your right to erase or disable them.

AIE shall not be held responsible if disablement of cookies prevents proper operation of the Website or makes operation difficult, nor can it guarantee proper or improper handling of cookies by these browsers.

In some cases cookies must be installed so that the browser does not forget its decision not to accept them.

Finally, you are informed that this Cookies Policy may eventually change over time, depending on the cookies used. AIE advises you to check this policy each time you access our Website in order to be properly informed of how and for what purposes we use cookies, and be aware of any changes to the type of data collected.